3/4" Roller Buckle High Flex Waterproof, Replacement Strap For Garmin, Dogtra, E

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Sparky PetCo
3/4" x 28"

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Keep your dog safe and yourself stress free! Waterproof, Odor proof, Universal size- Trim to Customize. Perfect with E Collar Systems, Dogtra, Garmin, SportDOG, PetSafe. Made in the USA, Strap Not Recommended For Tie Out.Sport Dogs who love to hunt, track and run in the water need replacement receiver straps every season Technologies) e-collars and GPS collars.   ?Universal collar is ¾? x 28? long and can be trimmed to size ?3/4" Strap Works with these Systems Works with: Garmin Delta, Garmin Delta Sport, Dogtra IQ, 330M,302 Element Training Collars, Dogtra D280NCP, D282NCP, D1900NCP, D1902NCP, D2300, D2302, D3500NCP, D3502NCP, Dogtra Edge, Dogtra SureStim H, Surestim M, Innotek Lap Dog Training,PetSafe Yard & Park, PetSafe Remote Trainer, SportDOG Field Trainer 425, 425S, SportDOG Wetland Hunter, Sport Hunter 825, ProHunter, Upland Hunter, Tri Tronics, Sport Upland G3, G3 EXP, Classic 70 G3 Remote Trainer, Trash Breaker G3, Pro 100 G3, Pro 200 G3, Upland Special G3, PetSafe PIF00-14288 PetSafe PIF00-13672 , PetSafe PIF00-13737 PetSafe PIF00-13664 PetSafe PAC00-12159 Einstein Mini-Educator 300 Series Einstein Educator 400 Series E-collar Technologies Barkless Collar 1" Strap Works with these systems. Our 1" strap fits the following collar receivers: Dogtra ARC, Dogtra Starwalk Activity Tracker (does not replace rubber tracker band that slides through tracker device-rubber tracker band can attach to this collar), Dogtra Edge, Dogtra Edge RT, Dogtra 1900NCP/1902NCP, Dogtra 2300NCP/2302NCP, Dogtra 3500NCP/3502NCP, Dogtra Surestim H, SportDOG DSL-400, SportDOG TEK 2 V2L, SportDOG TEK 2 V2LT, SportDOG TEK 2 2AD, Garmin/TriTronics PRO 100 G3 EXP, 200 G3 EXP, PRO 500 G3 EXP, C70 G3, Garmin/Tritronics F90 G3, Garmin/TriTronics Trashbreaker G3, Garmin/Tritronics Upland G3, Garmin Astro T5 Receiver, Garmin Alpha TT10 Receiver, Garmin Alpha TT15 Receiver, Garmin DC-50 Receiver, Einstein 700 Series, Einstein 800 Series, Einstein 1200 Series (WF & UL).