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Introducing Dog & Cat Tick-SR Topical Product - 4 oz Bottle
 ( approx. 40 applications)
Perfect for the multi-pet family  Authorized Dealer  Free Shipping 

It has been documented that the Flea and Tick season is going to be horrendous this year. Even though you use topical products, sprays, powders, dips, shampoos and collars your precious pet CAN still get a Tick! Removing a Tick is made easy with this new product.

Tick-SR™ is patented new product. It works by dissolving the "glue" that creates a bond between the tick and the dog. At the same time it impedes the blood flow to the affected area, thus the tick's ability to feed. With the glue and food supply disrupted; the tick can be more easily removed. 

Tick-SR does not kill ticks. Tick-SR aides in the safe removal of attached ticks. In addition, Tick-SR helps to prevent infection at the puncture site.

Tick-SR uses ingredients that are safe for humans and dogs.

With Tick-SR, you do not need tweezers. 

Removing a tick is made easy by this patented new product

A powerful new weapon called Tick-SR™, is arriving just in time to help pet owners with one aspect of waging war against ticks—the fast and safe removal of the parasites from wherever they attach themselves to a dog. To be available commercially in May 2012, Tick-SR chemically compels ticks to withdraw from dogs by simultaneously impeding their food supply and dissolving the initial bond that adheres them to the host.

"This product will not kill and may not even hurt a tick but it impacts its blood supply and the bond at the afflicted area; this makes it much easier to remove the tick," said Bill Griesinger, Managing Partner of Karykion Corporation, headquartered in Princeton, NJ. The company was formed nearly 40 years ago to develop medicines for human and veterinary use.

"The tick's glue-like bonding substance is dissolved by Tick-SR; this would otherwise not dissipate until after the tick is done feeding," Griesinger explained. "Tick-SR also contains an astringent, which pushes the blood away from the tick's feeding tube, also known as the hypostome, and mouth parts," he added. "It also contains a disinfectant that destroys most bacteria and helps to prevent infection."

"While not every tick transmits a dangerous disease such as Lyme Disease, even the common wood or dog tick presents a potential health hazard at the puncture site if for no other reason than infection from improper removal," said Griesinger.

"Common dangers experienced in tick removal include tick rupture and head disengagement; either presents a high potential of disease transmittal or secondary infection," said Griesinger.

Karykion Corporation says that Tick-SR can be used for the removal of all types and sizes of ticks including deer ticks, brown dog ticks, Lone Star ticks, and American dog ticks. It also can be used to remove the smaller nymphs which are harder to remove using tweezers or other tick removal tools. Researchers have warned that a record-breaking tick invasion is headed our way. Recent mild weather and other environmental occurrences are expected to contribute mutually to a dangerous jump in the tick population come warmer temperatures.

Tick-SR will be available for consumers (10 wipes per box) and in bottles for veterinarians and dog groomers. Tick-SR is most effective if used within twenty-four hours of the tick attaching. 

Laylas Pet Store will be receiving the wipes in mid May.

Patents for the new product were issued in the United States in 2009.

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