Nylon 1" Replacement Strap 3 Hole Strap 2 High Tech RFA 67 Batteries +529 Kit

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1" Strap 3 Hole Petsafe With 2 RFA 67 D AND 529
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1 " Strap + 2 RFA 67 BATT... (42 in stock)

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Nylon 1" Replacement Strap 3 Hole Strap 2 High Tech RFA 67 Batteries +529 Kit  

Compatible with many PetSafe containment collars. Please indicate which color in your sales record.


Our own strap with upgraded materials..

  • 1" Width

  • High-Quality Nylon Strap

  • Heavy-duty black "snap-lock" buckle

  • Unique design of buckle provides added comfort for the pet and convenience for the owner   

  • Please Note: This is a durable replacement collar ; you do not get a receiver! 
  • Refresh your pet's fencing collar with components from this universal kit.

    Includes long and short/standard contact points plus replacement pieces for your pet's fence receiver collar. 

    The washers are used to keep the receiver attached to the strap. The protective clear caps help to keep water and debris out of the switch port on receivers with correction level adjustment buttons. 

    The four screws can be used to replace the receiver screws on Stubborn Dog receivers.

    Compatible with all PetSafe wireless and in-ground fences except the UltraSmart In-Ground Fence (PIG00-13619) and Stay + Play Wireless Fence® (PIF00-12917).

    In the Box

  • 2 stainless steel contact points (1/2")

  • 2 long stainless steel contact points (3/4")

  • 2 plastic contact retaining washers

  • 2 plastic collar washers

  • 2 protective switch caps

  • 4 stainless steel receiver screws for RF-275 Stubborn Dog receivers (M2.5 x 0.45mm x 15mm Phillips Pan Head)

  • 2 High Tech Pet RFA 67 Battery Alternative
  • Replacement batteries for PetSafe® bark collars, in-ground and wireless electronic fence collars. Replaces PetSafe® model RFA-67D-11. 

    Please note, these are not the cheap Chinese "knock-off" batteries sold on Amazon and elsewhere. These modules contain the highest quality genuine PANASONIC lithium coin cell inside. They are manufactured by High Tech Pet, the most trusted name in high quality electronic pet products. These batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed all applicable PetSafe® OEM specifications. 


        Replaces Petsafe® model RFA-67 collar battery

        Contains a Panasonic lithium coin cell. The best battery of its kind.

        Operates most Petsafe® brand electronic fence, wireless fence and bark control collars

        Manufactured by High Tech Pet, the leading name in trusted, high quality pet products

        Guaranteed to last as long or longer as the OEM battery and to meet or exceed all OEM specifications

    For PetSafe Bark Control:

    * PBC00-10677
    * PBC-302
    * PDBC-300
    * PUSB-300
    * PUSB-150-19
    * PBC19-10765
    * PDBC-300-20
    * PBC23-10685

    For PetSafe Remote Trainer:

    * PDT00-10675
    * PDT24-10792
    * PDT24-10793

    For PetSafe In-Ground Fence:

    * PIG00-10674
    * PIG00-10680
    * PIG00-14582
    * PRF-3004W
    * PRF-304W
    * PUL-250
    * PUL-275
    * PRF-3004W-20
    * PIG19-10761
    * PIG19-10764
    * PIG23-10681
    * PIG23-10689

    For PetSafe Wireless Containment:

    * PIF-275-19
    * PIF-300
    * PIF-300-21
    * PWF19-10762
    * PIF00-12917
    * PIF00-12918
    * PIF00-14288

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